Friday, February 05, 2010

Groomers work their magic

Welcome to Huron

Gatineau Park: P7 to Huron (13 km)
P7 Kingsmere: N45 32.221 W75 53.968
Huron: N45 30.342 W75 53.980
Click here for a trail map.

We had some out of town company coming for the weekend so I decided to squeeze in some "me time" on the trails. The weather was spot on and even though we still hadn't had any fresh snowfall, the groomers were still able to work their magic. Hats off to them, but seriously, how long can this go on? We need snow!!

With only a small window of opportunity, I chose to ski out from P7 knowing that it would leave me with several hut options for my lunch time break.

Lines lines Wattsford lookout
The approach is steep but the view is well worth it.

Passing Keogan I noticed that nobody had yet started the fire so I kept on skiing to the lookout before checking in at Huron.

A GAT view with Tripper

Huron was fire-less (boo) and empty (yea). Rather than spark up the wood stove I decided to test out my new backpacking stove. It worked like a charm and minutes later I was sipping a chicken noodle supreme cup-a-soup with a side of toasted grill cheese on rye.

Huron in an outhouse frame Lunch time at Huron

On the way back I noticed that somebody had started a fire in Keogan so I skied down and stepped inside to enjoy the warmth and a pint. There were two mothers inside with their wee ones enjoying what appeared to be a smorgasbord. All four were enjoying themselves which proves again that Gatineau and the outdoors is for all ages.

Babies love skiing in Gatineau too

Shortly after, we were flooded by a gaggle of grade 7 and 8 students on a day pass. Very busy. Time to go.

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