Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sun's nice but we want snow!

Sunny trails

P15: N45 19.359 W75 43.648
Link to online map of trails in the Greenbelt.

Another weekend with no fresh snow. And to top it off they're calling for rain tomorrow. This is January, is it not?

Between Saturday morning Futsal and Sunday afternoon's OHL game (free tickets eh) our windows of opportunity were small and few. That said, we still managed to get out both Saturday and Sunday for a short ski in the Ottawa Greenbelt. Ok, technically it was to help our daughter put together a short video for her school project on Sara Renner the xc skier who will soon be competing in her third straight Winter Olympics. We had fun (mostly). Check it out...

The trails were icy and fast and with no new snow to freshen them up, they were littered with many small twigs and pine needles. It was nothing to serious though and we remain hopeful that the winter of 2010 is not over yet.

IMG_9080 IMG_9105
IMG_9119 Sunny trails

We end this with a message to Mother Nature...

Get the point?

Enough already. BRING ON THE WHITE STUFF!!!

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Kenmore said...

Perhaps (your) Sara can emmulate Sara R's training techniques by pulling Emma...