Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy ski and crazy forts

Skiing the Ottawa Greenbelt

This weekend we returned to the Saturday morning Futsal schedule. Although both the kids' teams seemed to be at the bottom end of a Christmas sugar crash they still managed to pull off a win and a tie. And to top it off both Sara and Emma managed to each score a goal. Well done girls.

By the time Sunday rolled a round we realized that we didn't have as much "free" time as we had originally hoped for. This resulted in a downgrade on our morning ski trip - Gatineau out, Greenbelt in. You just can't beat proximity though we would all like to see a few more hills dropped in the Ottawa Valley. Now which political party was that? Rhino?

Once home the kids then proceeded to take advantage of the cold weather to pimp up the snowfort in the front yard. Using some imagination, a few buckets of water, and a shovel they quickly created a small network of tunnels. It's no Quebec Hôtel de Glace, but I'm sure with a proper roof and some well placed advertising we could rent it out for afternoon sleepovers.

Tunnels Snowfort


Kenmore said...

Clearly - with all the fort construction time available - there must have been enough time to work in a commute to the Gatineau!

Tripper said...

One would think we had time to do it all but alas ma and pa had other items to tackle on the Sunday agenda and had to leave the kids to work on their fort alone. Next weekend...