Monday, December 14, 2009

Annual birthday ski in the GAT

Thirsty Beaver

Warm fire, good company, a celebratory beer (brought by Ken all the way from BC), and rocking tunes... what more can a man ask for on his birthday? (rhetorical question folks) I suppose I could add that this was also a Monday off work spent xc skiing in Gatineau Park. How's it sounding now? I say sweeeet and cheers to me.

I arrived at P10 around 9:30 and skied up to Shilly Shally cabin where I started up the wood stove and kicked back while I waited for Ken to join me. After some hellos and a birthday beverage we skied further on down the trail to Huron and then on to Western for some lunch.

New decorations on Shilly Shally Shilly Shally Happy Birthday buddy!

This will make it my third birthday ski in the GAT and to think that the weather almost crapped out on me. No worries though, conditions were more than adequate and temperatures were plenty warm. Thank you Mother Nature.

Birthday ski 2008
Birthday ski 2007

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Michael said...

Now that is a tradition that never gets old!