Sunday, November 29, 2009

Real men don't IKEA

IKEA... if I have to

There is nothing manly about building an IKEA product. There's nothing fulfilling about following "how-to" instructions that come complete with an escape clause in the form of a lifeline to the IKEA mother ship. Yet this is exactly what I did over the weekend.


A small desk and a large dresser. Now if I'd built them out of the old cherry or oak tree that my great grandfather had planted that would have been a much different tale. Alas this was a "just add water" project where they even supplied the tools.


The closest I came to adding a man scent to this degrading task was a beer and the odd squeeze on my cordless drill. I shall speak no more of this other than to say that I did not need to call the mother ship or a friend for backup.

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