Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sliding through the Marlborough Forest

Crazy horned creature stump
Does anybody else see a scary antlered deer-like monster?

This morning we decided to leave the skis at home and make a trip out to the Marlborough Forest for a hike and a slide on the pond. After a quick stop at Sobey's for lunch and snack goods and we were on our way.

At the last minute we decided to load everything up on our toboggan and pull it in along the hard packed trails. It was a little noisy but it was certainly effortless as the trails were covered in a layer of fresh ice after the recent thaw-rain-freeze.

Heading down the trail
New Rideau Trail sign Rogers Pond, Marlborough Forest
Sliding on the pond

By the time we reached the back of the pond we were ready for lunch. We gathered some wood and I set to lighting a good cook fire. After a little effort we were roasting wieners and sipping hot coco. Yum. The dogs were complete with fresh buns and ketchup and a small side of Old Dutch Rip.L (lightly salted, of course). I think you're beginning to see why we decided on the toboggan.

Gimme Shelter
Dwyer Hill Rd 9.5 km IMG_0786

This is a great little slice of the 300 km long Rideau Trail that runs from Ottawa to Kingston. One of my first experiences on this section was shortly after the '98 ice storm - what a mess! There are still some reminders here and there but the trail is definitely navigable once again thanks to the help of some volunteers and new signage. A highly recommended hike/bike/ski... but NOT during hunting season.

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