Saturday, March 07, 2009

Indoor soccer season wraps up

Saturday was the wrap up of the regular season for our kids' indoor soccer. One finished in last place and another finished in first overall. Both enjoyed the season immensely.

OSU Green U10 Italy U12

This was our first winter playing indoor and as such we (as in parents) took the opportunity to have the kids (as in guinea pigs) try both leagues offered in our area. One is the Polar Bear League which plays in the large domes and the other is the Ottawa Carleton Futsal League (officially sponsored by FIFA). By far and away we found the Futsal league to be the better choice. Essentially there's more opportunity for skill development as there is more time on the ball. It also helps develop quick decision making as the game is played in a very small environment (school gyms). Next year it will be Futsal for the both of them.

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Michael said...

Will Daddy be signing up for the adult futsal league?