Monday, September 24, 2007

A hike and a paddle

Lac Richard, Gatineau Park

This past weekend started off with a solo hike through a far west corner of Gatineau Park. The sun was out and the weather was plenty warm reaching 27°C. Luckily the hike brought me to a nice little lake where I could strip down and take a dip and then kick back with a pint of Grolsch. I can't think of a better way to bring in the fall season.

Splashes of white in a sea of green The Mongolian crapper
Ribbit Lac Richard, Gatineau Park

Sunday we took off to Murphy's Point Provincial Park to get some paddling in.

View from my canoe

It was another great weather day. We canoed around the Big Rideau dogging speed boats and bobbing over waves before settling on one of the interior campsites for some wiener roasting.

Where there's smoke...

And of course there was some swimming followed by the traditional snake and frog hunt. Making memories...

Monster leopard frog

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