Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chris Brown and Kate Fenner

me with Chris Brown

Saturday night I headed out to the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield Quebec to see Chris Brown and Kate Fenner. I've been following these two since about 1988-89 when I first saw them perform with The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir. The Bourb was an electrifying 9 piece band playing some kind of cross between funk, rock, and R&B.

Tonight they were promoting their new solo CDs. Pretty mellow stuff which worked great for me after my crazy moe.down weekend. The venue is incredibly small and intimate and I even had a chance to talk with Kate before the show and then Chris after.

Not the Bourb in any shape or form but definitely two very musically talented individuals.

Teddy Kumpel and Kate Fenner

The second to last track was a nice mellow 7 minute version of Chris Brown's "Superior". The grand finale of the show was when Chris and Kate were joined by Luther Wright (of Luther Wright and the Wrongs and formerly of Weeping Tile of which Sarah Harmer was lead vocalist) on the track "While You Sleep".

Luther Wright joins Chris Brown and Kate Fenner

A great finish to a great evening.

Download the bootleg of the show here (then go buy their CDs)...

Cut me some slack on the boot too, it was my first ever and I borrowed the recorder from a friend. Setting the levels was next to impossible so I gave up.

Click here for a little slideshow of the evening.

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