Sunday, January 21, 2007

Skis for everyone!

Candid camber

This weekend I bought both the kids used x-c skis from Tim's Sports on Wellington. Skis and boots came to about $50 each and then I scooped a deal on brand new poles from Bushtukah for only $5 a pair.

The next day we all headed back again with mom and scooped her an amazing deal from Bushtukah skis, boots, and bindings for only $153. And you thought my friend Urblock got a deal after reading his blog, didn't ya?

Sunday morning we all headed out to the nearest x-c ski trail to test out the kids' ability to handle long sharp pointed objects while balancing on two thin strips of wood. Well they did great. Mom was there walking beside us at the ready with the first aid kit (her new skis won't be ready until next week) but in the end she was only there to cheer us all on as we skied up and down the hills (0.2% grade).

Note to fellow skiers: With only a mere 5-10cms of snow on the ground the wipe outs can be a little painful. No hotdogging, try to stay upright.

fresh x-c ski trail

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Kenmore said...

Whoo hoo, new skiers!! Sweet deals all around on new ski gear. Who said that global warming has a negative effect on the world - look at those discounts!

For the record, I pass a lot of grown people in the Gats who are pretty good at flailing there poles around. Haven't taken one in the eye yet but you gotta be nimble sometimes.