Sunday, January 28, 2007

74th Whig Standard Bonspiel

Can you believe it? I got an invite to compete in another curling tournament with the same team as last year. This makes it Whig Standard Bonspiel #2 for me. They obviously didn't invite me back for my curling skills. Having said that, we did win one game keeping last year's streak alive. Yahooo!

The win came in our third match on the Friday night. The game was our usual 3 hour showdown ending at 12:30am. What a blast. Turned out we were playing against an old university buddy of mine that I hadn't seen in about 17 years. Slick aka Greg Miller. Unfortunately by winning that game we were bumped up into a higher caliber slot for the playoffs. Need I say we didn't win Saturday's match against the skip who put together this entire weekend event?

Again the question remains, will I get another invite in 2008? Hope so, it is a recipe for a fun filled weekend.

(sorry no pics... bachelor party rules apply here)

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Kenmore said...

I take it this means you did not qualify for the Brier.... tough luck. Always next year tho'.