Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Mr. Solid Halloween

Halloween Night has arrived and thankfully the rain held off and it even got a little warmer resulting in a spooky fog rolling in. I once again donned my Halloween mask and joined the kids on their neighbourhood pillage. The streets were realtively quiet this year and we were able to get through our regular route in no time at all.


IMG_3219 IMG_3220

As per usual we ended with a stop up at the corner to see the crazy Halloween guy's house. This year he added an antique car to the mix. This guy goes full out. He even climbs up to the second story windows and nails on fake boards to make his house look run down and abandoned. Huge thumbs up to this horror house.

IMG_3224 IMG_3226

We met up with our old neighbours and chatted it up for a bit before taking off in the van to visit some of our other friends. The first stop required some persistent doorbell ringing as the owner was in hiding after running out of candy. This tends to happen when you purchase the goodies too early and then pack them in your lunch snacks for 3 weeks. As compensation we scored a Mr. Solid Easter bunny. Sweet.

The goodies

Next stop brought us to my personal favourite Halloween spot as it is here that I snag a beer every year. Last year was a festive Saranac Pumpkin Ale this year was a Saranac Pale Ale. So while my buddy kept adding various chocolate bars to the kids loot bags I enjoyed a refreshing ale. Finally we decided that we had best be on our way when he started handing out muffins, Kraft cheese slices and McDonald's ketchup.

The most unique set up this year was the house down the street that was showing a horror flick on their garage door. The projector was inside their car with the sound running through the car speakers. Thankfully it was rated PG.

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