Monday, March 27, 2006

Another quick update...

March 15-18: Participated in the Ottawa Bonspiel with my fellow Kingston Bonspiel curlers. Great time. A total of 8 games in 4 days. Lost in the semi-finals to a team that was stone deaf. They lost the next day in the finals.

Last Saturday: Hit the sack around 1:30am. Then 5 minutes later we heard a strange sound in the backyard. Something like a growl. Before my wife could open the window and get a look at what all the ruckus was about, a wall of skunk stank hit us. Luckily she couldn't figure out the window's locks but regardless the smell managed to infiltrate the house. The basement (my home base) was hit the worst. Three days later and the frickin' house still smells slightly of skunk.

Sunday: Hiking with the kids. Spring is on its way folks. The weather was great. As you can imagine the trails were still covered in ice and snow but there were definite signs of mud shining through.

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