Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend scene

Weekend was crazy hot.  40 degrees with the humidex is just stupid.

Friday night we hit the Barrhaven Fair again for a ferris wheel ride.  Ride fares were jacked up from Thursday's opening loonie night.  I managed to sneak on for free.  There seems to be some unwritten rule that parent's can ride for free in order to watch over their children's safety.  I must have picked it up from watching HBO's Carnivale.  Most parent's didn't know about this and were paying their fare.  Wankers.

Saturday a friend and I checked out the Cowboy Junkies at Westfest.  They tore the house down.  Margo sure can rock.  Beers sure tasted sweet in the sweltering heat.

Sunday was pretty mellow.  I watered my garden twice.

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