Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Arachnids attack!!

My wife and I were sitting out on the back deck enjoying the nice weather (and I a beer) when Emma noticed some teeny tiny spiders on the wall only centimetres (yes, I'm trying to go metric) from the back of my wife's head.
"Ack!", shouted Paula.
"Quick dad, get the camera!", shouted Emma. (apparently she's caught on to the fact that I like to take pictures of everything and anything)
When I returned with the camera and moved the chair that Paula was sitting on only moments before we found yet another nest of these little guys.
"Ack! Check my hair!", shouted Paula.
"Hee hee", giggled Emma and I.
"No.  Seriously.  Check my hair."
But by then I was much too busy taking pictures with my camera's awesome macro feature.  Later Emma and I squished and squashed the little creatures with wads of toilet paper supplied by mommy (who by now had combed her own hair to free all the spiders that had temporarily made a home there).

PS: Being the inquisitive statistician that I am I quickly calculated how many spiders we were dealing with by selecting a 1" by 1" sample and counting the spiders therein.  We were looking at 316 spiders (+/- 32).  In turn, this implied that we would need no more than 46 sheets of two-ply toilet paper to "clean them up", so to speak.  Stats sure comes in handy sometimes. Math is everywhere!!

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