Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Luke with the girls

This year's Thanksgiving felt like turkey in July thanks to temperatures breaking the 30 degree mark. It made for a very outdoors type weekend - hell, we even carved the turkey on the back deck and set up one of the dinner tables outside. At one point in the weekend I was even searching for some sunscreen. Anyhow, no complaints here...

Apple picking Amber
Danger Wind
Carving the ham Baby bunny

Saturday morning was spent picking and peeling apples. After a total of 4 hours of peeling the girls were ready for a break so we hopped in the van and took a trip out to Campbellford. We arrived in the touristy little town along the Trent Severn Canal (this month seems to be canal month) with no real idea of what we were going to do but by the time we crossed over the town bridge we'd made a plan. First the Church-Key Brewery (priorities eh), then Dooher's Bakery, then the World's Finest Chocolate outlet. A well rounded adventure before heading back to bbq up some Pino's Italian sausage (that's to a friend that picked them up in Kitchener for us, thanks Kev).

Campbellford Take off eh!
Church-Key Brewery Church-Key Brewery

Monday we had a little visit from Uncle Twiggy and his wee ones. We took them for a stroll on the property and Sara managed to catch a tiny baby bunny for the kids to hold. Some left over turkey, a chocolate sandwich, and a Bud or two and they were headed for home. And we were not long after. Good times.

Baby bunny The bumble bee story

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