Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is in the air

Looking out

Again, it has been a while so here's a little mix and match of the various events that have been keeping us busy lately.

The signs were telling me the season was done but the conditions on this late March day were just shy of marvelous.

Caution Icy Trail Not Recommended

Both kids had their year-end Futsal tournaments. One finished in second place and the other in third. Emma even managed to pick up some hardware for being "Top Scorer" in the regular season. Well done girls... now on to the summer season (which is already well under way).

Emma with her Top Scorer trophy

We've also managed to squeeze in a couple of walk-and-feeds on the nearby Greenbelt trails. If the hunger of the chickadees is any indication, spring is well under way.

Human bird feeder Red-winged blackbird
Landing Birdfeeding at Jack Pine

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