Sunday, August 29, 2010

A random round-up


August was a busy month for us. We had some visitors, another Marconi-catered wedding, a few days on the shores of Lake Superior, and an overnight camp-out at Murphys Point.

Here are a few random photos taken over the last month.

Our trip up to the Soo for a family wedding and then 4 nights on the shores of Lake Superior...

Check out those balls! Marconi menu
IMG_3670 IMG_3783
IMG_3614 Marshmallows at Mica Bay
IMG_3576 Time to go...
IMG_3447 Sudbury smokestacks Sewage Lagoon The Lagoon from the lookout

A one-night stop at Murphy's Point...

Northern water snake
Dragonfly with a clipped wing IMG_3832

Hannah & family take a tour of the town...

Emma reads to Hanna Screech and her distant relations
Ouch IMG_6800


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