Sunday, May 17, 2009

May toofer weekend


Friday night I was out strolling the new Metro grocery store for some goodies that I could spend my airmiles bucks on when my new BlackBerry started buzzing. It was one of the clan McMullan on the line wondering what we were up to for the weekend. Well after some chatting back and forth I found myself making another lap of the store to top up my cart. Yes sirree, the McMullans were coming to town. (read "no more yard work")

They arrived Saturday afternoon in the middle of a thunderstorm and it was at this point that they mentioned that they were so happy to get out of the house as they've been suffering from a little cabin fever brought on by strep throat and a self-diagnosed strain of swine flu. Yikes.

After everybody had a chance to unwind we decided to try something new. We decided to leave the kids at home alone while we, the adults, headed out to Pho Thi Fusion for some supper. The kids were more than happy with the plan (possibly a little too happy?) and we left them with some take-out pizza, pop, and a long list of instructions. This opportunity also allowed the older kids to test out their newly acquired babysitting skills on their younger siblings. Thankfully it worked out quite well all around.

Sunday's plan was to check out Sara's exhibition soccer game against the older Nepean Storm girls and then head down to Dow's Lake to check out the Tulip Festival.

Spring time in the nation's capital
Beaver Tails Fudge hut
You call that a smile?
These are the smiles you get when you don't buy a round of fudge and cotton candy.

Surprisingly, given the cold dank weather, the crowds were the largest I'd ever seen. And I swear every third person had a camera (and only half of them seemed to know how to operate it).

After a quick tour through the tulips we zoomed off to our local dog park to run off some of Izzy's energy.

Jump Izzy!

Good times once again.

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