Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeding the birdies


Today I took the family out for a late afternoon hike in the Greenbelt. The trails were so icy and compacted that we didn't need snowshoes or skis - in fact they only would have caused problems.

Almost immediately after leaving the parking lot we spotted a pile of bird seed. Perfect. Having forgotten our seed at home I told the kids to stuff some in a pocket and we'll feed the birds later on down the trail. Well you would think the little winged creatures were starving the way they were dive bombing everybody at the slightest sign of food.

Sara opts for the seed on the hat trick

Feeding the birdies is always a hit no matter how old you are. And now bird feeding will always remind us of last spring when Mikey was feeding the grey jays using his own personal technique. (no photos on that one folks)


Here's hoping that the spring-like weather is behind us so that we can have more snow and some more quality x-c skiing.

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