Monday, October 22, 2007

Wolf Trail - Gatineau Park, QC

Some colour in a sea of rust

Gatineau Park, Wolf Trail, Parking lot P13: N45 32.604 W75 54.582

The weather forecast made the call for me on this one. Sunny and 24°C on Monday (my day off) and wet, cold and bleak for the rest of the week. Done. I just had to get outdoors and soak it in for what might well be the last time before winter. I sent out a quick invitation and quickly found that grizz was on the same wave length so off to the GAT we headed the next morning to hike the Wolf Trail.

Hiking the Wolf Trail in the GAT
Can you spot Mike hiking in the sea of rusty leaves?

Wolf Trail
The Wolf Trail as it comes up along the edge of the ridge.

Wolf Trail view

We relaxed on the ridge and soaked in the sun and sights for at least an hour before heading back down the trail to complete the loop. What few hikers did stroll by our resting spot seemed to be mainly female and dressed for the unseasonable warmth of the day.

Celebrating his 65th

Then just as we were about to start back another hiker/biker came strolling by. After some talking we learned that he has been coming to this spot every 5 years to celebrate his 65th birthday. Well that called for a beer which he gladly, and somewhat surprisingly, accepted. Cheers mate and hope to see you in another 5.

"OK" says the tree.

Spotted this strangely shaped tree just off the trail heading back to the parking lot and Meech Lake. It seemed to be saying "OK" but to what I just wasn't sure.

Cheers to another day in the GAT

Cheers to another great year. Now bring on the snow.

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