Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 24... life on the farm

We hit Peterborough this Victoria Day weekend. Here are a number of pics outlining our 3 day taste of life on the farm...

Planting chestnut trees with Opa. We had gathered the seeds earlier in the year while on a hike along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Baking apple pie (with apples we picked off the farm last fall of course).

Lazing around (here Allie is snoozing in a laptop carrying case while Paula attempted to satisfy her renewed addiction to Freecell).

Tripper enjoying the newly finished kitchen.

Watching the hummingbirds just outside the livingroom window.

And listening to the sounds of the farm animals. Well at least this horny bull who easily drowned out everything else with his bellowing. Apparently he had a cow in heat on either side of him separated by only a small wooden gate. This form of mental torture has both the infamous rack and bamboo under the fingernails beat hands down. He was so pissed about it that he decided to bellow and grumble every morning (just outside our bedroom window of course) starting around 5:30am. Can't say I blame him much though. Poor bastard.

We also got to see a cow give birth to a bouncing baby bull calf. Technically the cow didn't do a whole heck of a lot though as my brother Jason worked some magic with his calf-come-along to yank this unsuspecting calf out by his front legs. Amazing. He was walking in no time too.

Unfortunately poor Paula's boots may never be the same after that event... and she wasn't even wearing them as Katja beat her to the punch and got to lend a helping hand. I won't even tell you where this hand/arm has to go during the birthing. Yeesh, that's gotta hurt sumpin' awful.

Finally on Sunday afternoon we got a little break from all the hustle bustle and joined Aunt Christine for lunch. It was delicious...

And dessert was a huge success (I stress the word HUGE). A sundae on a Sunday how appropriate.

Sunday ended with a beautiful sunset after "the day of a hundred sunshowers".

PS: If you want to see a clearly and larger photo just click on any of the images above.

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Bricks said...

I don't think I've ever seen a bigger sundae! Or somebody enjoy one more!