Tuesday, April 25, 2006

View from my canoe

Last night I was rumaging through some photos that I've backed up on CD and DVD. I was looking for some pics for yet another one of my daughter's school projects. As I was click click clicking away I couldn't help but notice that a number of these photos were taken from the back seat of my Old Town Tripper canoe. Here are just a few...

Lake Clear

Depot Lake

Hoggs Bay

Charleston Lake

Lac la Peche

Barron River / Barron Canyon

Well I hope this helps give you the urge to get out there and launch a canoe. I know if I was staying in town this weekend I would be paddling down the Clyde River for the annual spring trip. Guess it'll have to wait until the end of May now (that is if the water's still up).

Ciao and happy tripping,

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Becca said...

those pictures are beautiful!