Friday, July 15, 2005

bvt hits Bluesfest

Things have been busy for the bvt-blogger.  On Wednesday night some friends and I hit the Ottawa Bluesfest to see Umphrey's McGee, Keller Williams, and The String Cheese Incident.  Umphrey's was incredible, Keller was wildly entertaining, and SCI was just starting to get in their groove when they called it quits due to an approaching thunderstorm.  

The storm hit only minutes after SCI left the stage and then it proceeded to blast, rock, and pour all over Ottawa. It was incredible.  People were screaming at the thunder and lightning and then cheering at the naked hippies dancing in the downpour. Worth the price of admission alone.  

(Picture posted in the Ottawa Sun)

Then last night a friend and I decided to take advantage of our "free pass" (due to yesterday's rain cancellation) to see an amazing guitar player by the name of Elmer Ferrer. G-Damn this guy can play!! I can see why he's compared to the likes of Jimi and SRV.  He plays again on tonight opening before Kid Rock and then again on Sunday if anybody is interested in checking him out.

For those of you interested in checking out a great jamband, here's a link to a free UM bootleg show back in 2002. Why this show? No reason, it just happens to be the one that I'm listening to right now in my Dell DJ.

Umphrey's McGee
July 4th, 2002
Venue: Funk'n'Jam House, High Sierra Music Festival (LATE show)
Location: Quincy, CA

And if you like that one, you'll want to download the EARLY show too.

Note that this download is in a "lossless" format which your winamp should be able to handle but you can convert to mp3 if you wish (using this free software).

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